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Use it to obtain JQL search auto-complete data and suggestions for use in programmatic construction of queries or custom query builders. It also provides operations to:
  • convert one or more JQL queries with user identifiers (username or user key) to equivalent JQL queries with account IDs.
  • convert readable details in one or more JQL queries to IDs where a user doesn't have permission to view the entity whose details are readable.

Parse JQL Query

POST /rest/api/{2-3}/jql/parse
Parses and validates JQL queries. The validation is performed in context of the current user.
package main
import (
_ ""
func main() {
var (
host = os.Getenv("HOST")
mail = os.Getenv("MAIL")
token = os.Getenv("TOKEN")
jira, err := v3.New(nil, host)
if err != nil {
jira.Auth.SetBasicAuth(mail, token)
queries, response, err := jira.JQL.Parse(context.Background(), "", []string{"project = KP"})
if err != nil {
if response != nil {
log.Println("Response HTTP Response", response.Bytes.String())
for _, query := range queries.Queries {