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The cloud admin REST APIs let you administer Atlassian cloud products. To allow administrators to manage multiple Atlassian cloud products and sites centrally, we’ve created a global administration layer called an organization that is a centralized place for managing your products and users. With an organization, you can manage the Atlassian accounts of all registered users at your company, based on the domains that you have verified. Managing a user's account allows you to change account and profile details, view product access and admin permissions, and deactivate or permanently delete a user.

What is an Atlassian organization?

Atlassian organizations bring together your company’s users and products. As an organization admin, you manage the Atlassian accounts of your employees and the products that belong to your organization.

Manage products

When you create a new instance of an Atlassian cloud product, you can manage it from your organization. Each instance of the product is associated with a site, which has its own site URL and administration.
These products that can be part of your organization include Jira products (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Core), Confluence, Statuspage, and Opsgenie. Currently, Bitbucket and Trello can’t be associated with an organization.

Manage users

Users aren’t tied to any one product, which means that they can get access to products within or outside your organization. Users aren’t tied to one organization either until you can claim ownership of their accounts. When you do, they become your organization’s managed accounts.
You have full control over managed accounts. You can update their email address and other details, deactivate or delete accounts, and enforce authentication policies for secure login.
With an Atlassian Access subscription, we offer more advanced features, like syncing users from a directory outside your organization. When you sync users to your managed accounts, your Access settings impact how those accounts log into your sites and products, as shown in the illustration.